How Much Do YOU Know About Alpacas?

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Emma PerryAs part of the ‘This Book Has Alpacas and Bears’ Blog Tour, author Emma Perry shares her research about alpacas:

Alpacas. They are brilliantly quirky animals, chock-a-block FULL of character.

The moment I spotted one alpaca at a local farm park  (Avon Valley Farm Park, Bristol)  at the beginning of 2015, I just KNEW he had to be a character in a book. To be fair, he was almost yelling at me to do so. This Book Has Alpacas And Bears just fell into place from there, (skipping delightfully over the hair pulling moments and the hundreds of drafts, of course!).

The first thing I did was a whole heap of fun research into alpacas, and I found out some lovely bits of info about them.

Here are my top five…

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Alpaca Facts…

  • Baby alpacas are called cria. Isn’t that just one of those words that sounds so lovely when you say it out loud?!


  • Alpacas are incredibly good at bouncing. Have you seen them do it? It’s amazing! Rikin and I tried to capture that zaniness in the character of Alfonso. I imagine that Alfonso would bounce absolutely everywhere if he could.


  • Alpacas are the smallest members of the camel family. Alfonso may be small, but he’s strong!


  • Alpaca wool is sooooo soft! Not even the teeniest bit itchy. Alpacas are sheered once a year. Their fleeces can be turned into wool which is perfect for knitting a jumper with – grab those knitting needles people! Although, I prefer a crochet hook myself!


  • Alpacas love a good… DUST bath. A lovely pile of dry dust and they are there. Yep! They love to roll around in it, and it’s super fun to watch!


We’ve tucked a few more alpaca facts into the back of the book, after Colin and Alfonso’s story. But tell me, have you seen any alpacas recently?

Where were they?

Do you have any alpaca facts or stories to share?

We’d love to hear about them!

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You can find out more about Alfonso the alpaca, and his friend Colin (a bear), in This Book Has Alpacas and Bears from Emma Perry and Rikin Parekh.


Have you ever noticed that bears are absolutely EVERYWHERE? Alfonso the alpaca has and it really gets his GOAT! He's decided that alpacas should get the recognition (and LOVE!) that they deserve. And sometimes it only takes one voice speaking out to make a change. It's time to be proud of who you are. (Watch out, bears!)…..


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