Vanessa Harbour

Vanessa Harbour

Vanessa HarbourVanessa Harbour is a disabled writer and academic who loves words and believes in living life to the full regardless of what life throws at her. In particular, she likes to weave her words into stories for children and young adults providing moments of hope in a difficult world. When she was growing up she wanted to be either a doctor or writer. Now she is a Doctor of Creative Writing so has the best of both worlds. She is a Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Winchester. Also Vanessa is Academic & Diversity Consultant/Editor at the Golden Egg Academy.

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Flight by Vanessa Harbour

Flight is a thrilling adventure story based during the Second World War and aimed at middle grade. It’s a story of how two abandoned, shunned children, after terrible loss, will come to find a place that will welcome them, their love of horses gives them a chance to belong again. Can Jakob and Kizzy save the dancing horses?

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