Ali Sparkes

Ali Sparkes

Ali Sparkes

Ali Sparkes lives in Southampton, England with her husband and sons and a bonkers labradoodle called Willow.

She began her writing career at the Southampton Daily Echo newspaper before moving on to work as a broadcast journalist at BBC Radio Solent. After writing and performing comedy columns for BBC Radio 4 for two years she tried her hand at children’s fiction. Not long after, the first novel in her bestselling Shapeshifter series was published by Oxford Children’s books in 2006.

With more than 40 books now published, Ali is a regular performer at festivals and schools all over the UK and Europe and is renowned for her high comedy, interactive, energetic presentations. Her first stand-alone novel – Frozen In Time – won the prestigious Blue Peter Book of the Year Award in 2010 and her stories are translated into many languages. Especially Turkish. The Turks LOVE Ali. She, in turn, loves their delight.

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Death by Detention by Ali Sparkes


    1.  You’ve got after school detention with the head teacher

  1. 2.  He’s making you do the stupid test you blew out this morning
  2. 3.  Someone’s just shot him in the head
  3. 4.  A team of masked assassins is sweeping the school, to eliminate any witnesses
  4. 5.  You’re stuck in the girls’ toilets with nowhere left to run
  5. 6.  Then your head teacher comes back as a zombie

Elliot and Shania are living the dream. A very, very bad dream. Alone in their school with one dead head teacher and five ruthless gunmen, the school’s two worst students have never had bleaker prospects.

Can Elliot’s PE fitness and Xbox training save him? Will Shania’s famous bolshiness stop a bullet? Or is this detention terminal?

Twitter: @sparkesali

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