Alice Hemming

Alice Hemming

Alice HemmingAs a child Alice loved the idea of writing a book and, at the age of seven, completed her first manuscript about a robin who couldn’t sing.  When she grew up she worked as a librarian and a website editor.  It was only when she had children of her own that she was able to pursue her childhood dream.  Her first picture book was published in 2013 and now she works as a full time writer in a shed at the top of the garden.  She has had over forty books published in the UK and internationally, including picture books and chapter books.  She has also written for websites, reading schemes and even a talking bear! Arlo, Mrs Ogg and the Dinosaur Zoo, was selected for the 2018 Library Summer Reading Challenge and the second book in the series, Arlo, Miss Pythia and the Forbidden Box comes out today - 28th March 2019.  

Alice lives in Hertford with her husband, two children and a rabbit called Shishi, who all provide lots of inspiration.

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Arlo, Miss Pythia and the Forbidden Box


"Come, come, the children of 5P, Bring your little minds to me. The door is open; step right in. A new adventure will begin..."

In this sequel to Arlo, Mrs Ogg and the Dinosaur Zoo, 4X (now 5P) are back with a completely new teacher.  Miss Pythia might not be quite like Mrs Ogg, but her strange prophetic visions and mysterious box are definitely not normal.  Arlo is sure something is going on and when 5P are picked to take part in 'Play in a Day', they might finally find out just what is in that box.


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