Andy Shepherd’s “Five Fabulous Dragon Books”

andy shepherd

andy shepherd


Andy Shepherd is author of The Boy Who Grew Dragons series.

The fifth and final book - The Boy Who Sang With Dragons – was released on 7 January 2021.

As you can imagine, Andy's house is full of dragons and dragon books. She kindly shared her five favourites with us:


“It’s so hard to choose favourites, but here are five that I love, a couple for younger readers and three for slightly older dragon desperados. But there are so many more I could recommend!”

Ashon Dragon



Andy's Five Fabulous Dragon Books...

1. Dragon Post written and illustrated by Emma Yarlett

What do you do when you find a dragon living under your stairs? Not sure? Well Alex isn’t either so he writes letters to lots of people who might help. With five letters to open this is a wonderfully fun story with a lovely ending.

2. The Night Dragon written and illustrated by Naomi Howarth

Maud isn’t like the other dragons. She’s not scary and she isn’t even sure about flying. But with Mouse’s help she finds that she’s braver than she thinks and just by being herself she makes everything beautiful. The artwork in this book is certainly beautiful.

3. The Secret Dragon written by Ed Clarke

I found this really enchanting and I love the premise. Mari discovers a tiny dragon while fossil hunting on the beach. Desperate to prove herself as a real scientist she sets out to study the little creature. But with it being a rather mischievous dragon, she discovers more than she bargains for. It’s a warm-hearted and magical story and the ending is brilliant. I’m looking forward to reading the sequel Summer of the Dragons.

4. Darwin’s Dragons written by Lindsay Galvin

When I heard the pitch for this book I was hooked, it’s such a brilliant idea. Syms a cabin boy on Darwin’s Beagle falls overboard during a storm. When he washes up on an island he makes an incredible discovery. The question then becomes should he share what he’s found? This is a brilliantly written, action-packed adventure with a character who made me root for him from the start. Highly recommend.

5. Dragon Daughter written by Liz Flanagan

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and its sequel. There’s a wonderful bond between Milla and Iggie, the dragon she hatches. With her city at war and her place in her own family in question, this is a thrilling and thoughtful story. And the dragons are awesome!

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