Anna Hoghton

Anna Hoghton

Anna HoghtonAnna is an award-winning poet and filmmaker. She has an MA in Writing for Young People from Bath Spa University and was one of ‘fifteen leading U.K. poets’ commissioned for Bristol Festival of Ideas 2016.

Her environmental-action short film ‘Never Land’ starred Keeley Hawes, John Nettles, and Marcus Brigstocke and won ‘best narrative’ at the Women in Film and Television’s 2018 showcase.

Anna co-founded the website

She loves travel, adventures, and stories. 

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Our chat with Anna…

The Mask of AribellaAribella lives in Venice, the daughter of an impoverished lace-maker. But she has a deadly secret: when angered, sparks shoot from her fingers. Unable to keep her power hidden, she flees – but when dark spectres rise from the lagoon, the fire in her hands saves her life.

A stranger witnesses the attack – and through him, Aribella leaves her old life behind and discovers the world of the Cannovacci, magical warriors sworn to defeat the strange spectres menacing the city …

A captivating middle-grade fantasy in the entrancing setting of historical Venice.


Twitter: @AnnaHoghton

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