Anne Digby

Anne Digby

Anne Digby

Anne Digby worked in magazines and wrote comic strips before the success of her debut children's novel, A Horse Called September, enabled her to turn to writing books.

She is best known for the 14-book Trebizon series which follows the progress of Rebecca Mason and her friends as they grow up together at a famous boarding school, as well as the Me, Jill Robinson! family series which was highly recommended by the Good Book Guide to Children's Books. She also wrote the Jug Valley Mystery series and the Further Adventures of Enid Blyton's Naughtiest Girl.

Her latest story for younger readers, The Oh!-So-Secret Princess, was published in January 2019. 

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The Oh!-So-Secret Princess by Anne DigbyPrincess Bee longs to be let out of the palace on her own, just for a day. Dressed up as an ordinary person! But the king and queen would NEVER allow such a thing. Her dream seems impossible until, one magical Monday, she gets the chance to escape at last. It's her very first day off from being a princess and what a surprising day it turns out to be....

Twitter: AnneDigby1

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