Christina Matula

Christina Matula

Christina Matula


Christina Matula is a mixed-Taiwanese, Canadian author who moved from London to Hong Kong with her family. Being a child of immigrant parents, she has always been curious about other cultures and far off places. She loves sharing stories that will spark an interest in and passion for Chinese culture in young readers. The Shadow in the Moon is her first picture book.


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A unique blend of traditional folklore and contemporary customs brings the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival to life. Join two sisters as they listen to their grandmother tell the tale of the origins of the lunar Mid-Autumn Festival. Hou Yi, a brave archer, saves the world from drought and is given a magic potion for his deeds. Chang’e, his wife, courageously protects the potion from a thief and is transformed into the Lady in the Moon. This is a tale of sweethearts, mooncakes, and how the Mid-Autumn Festival came to be.

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