Fleur Hitchcock

fleur hitchcock

fleur hitchcock

Fleur has worked as a shop assistant, a dinner lady and a curator. She has pulled up more dandelions than a person should and painted hundreds and hundreds of small wooden boats for her husband, who is a toymaker. She has two almost grown up children and she lives in the West Country.

Since 2012 she has won the Leeds Children's Book Award 2017, and the Salford Children's book Award 2018, been shortlisted for the North Somerset Children's book Award, The Oxfordshire Book Award, The Our Best Book Award in Leicester The Hull Book award, The Redbridge Children's Book Award, The Heart of Hawick award, had three books selected for BookBuzz and been selected for the Whatever it Takes Reading Rampage.


Ashon Dragon



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The Boy Who Flew


Athan Wilde dreams of flight. When his friend, Mr Chen, is murdered, Athan must rescue the flying machine they were building together and stop it falling into the wrong hands. But keeping the machine safe puts his family in terrible danger. What will Athan choose - flight or family?


Twitter: @FleurHitchcock

Website: https://fleurhitchcock.wordpress.com/

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