Holly Rivers

Holly Rivers

Holly Rivers


Holly grew up in Wales where she spent a lot of time drawing, reading and creating. Having accepted a 3-book pre-empt for Demelza and the Spectre Detectors, her days are now spent writing for children, as well as working as a children’s bookseller and drama facilitator. She loves travelling, camping, playing ukulele, and wearing as many colours as possible.

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Demelza loves science - she loves it so much that she's been known to stay up late to work on her peculiar inventions! But Demelza discovers she has inherited a distinctly un-scientific set of skills: Spectre Detecting. Like her grandmother, she can summon the ghosts of the dead. But when Grandma is kidnapped by a mysterious villain, she knows Spectre Detecting has something to do with it. Only Demelza and her pasty best friend, Percy, can solve the deadly mystery ...

Twitter: @HollyRivers_Lit

Instagram: @hollyriversauthor

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