Jasbinder Bilan

Jasbinder Bilan

Jasbinder Bilan

According to family stories, Jasbinder was born in a stable close to the foothills of the Himalayas. Until she was a year and a half, she lived on a farm inhabited by a grumpy camel and a monkey called Oma.

Jasbinder graduated from Bath Spa’s MA ‘Writing for Young People’ where the seeds of her story were nurtured, but it was the incredible bond with her grandmother which was the inspiration for Asha And The Spirit Bird.

She lives with her husband, two teenage boys and dog Enzo and splits her time between teaching and writing.

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Asha and the Spirit Bird

Asha lives on the family farm in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Her father is away working in the city, and when the money he sends stops suddenly, a wicked debt collector arrives. She’s determined to seize the property – and the treasure rumoured to be hidden on the land. Guided by a majestic bird which Asha believes to be the spirit of her grandmother, she and her best friend Jeevan embark on a journey to the city, across the Himalayas, to find her father and save her home …


Website: jasbinderbilan.co.uk

Twitter: @jasinbath

Instagram: Jasbinder Bilan

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