Kate Poels

Kate Poels

Kate Poels

Kate Poels was a nurse and teacher before becoming an author. When she’s not writing for children, she develops and delivers creative writing sessions in schools and literary festivals.  She reviews books on BBC Radio Berkshire and on her Bookstagram page which, she tells us, is so much fun and gives her the perfect excuse to read tonnes of kids’ books!

Ashon Dragon



Our chat with Kate…

Mima Malone


Strange things are happening to the kids in Mima’s neighbourhood. Blue mouths, webbed feet, clucking like a chicken. Some are disappearing altogether. The grown-ups are stumped, as grown-ups often are. But the clues are there for anyone willing to look hard enough. And Mima and her friends are on the case.


Twitter: @katepoels

Instagram: @katepoelswrites

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