Lindsay J Sedgwick

Lindsay J Sedgwick


Lindsay is an award-winning screenwriter who has written for film, TV, games and apps. She is the creator of the ground-breaking series Punky, the first mainstream animation series worldwide in which the central character has special needs (Down’s Syndrome). Two series later, it has won multiple awards and is available in over 100 countries with circa 5 million hits on YouTube.


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WULFIE STAGE FRIGHT by Lindsay J Sedgewick


Libby lives a lonely life with her mean stepmother, her ineffectual inventor father, and her nasty step-brother, Rex. Then she makes a new best friend: Wulfie, a purple wolf-like creature who can shrink down very small or grow very big (usually on purpose, often not).

Wulfie is a sweet but mischievous character who helps get Libby out of difficult situations at school and to get revenge on Rex - all the while just managing not to be discovered.

This is a tale of magic, mischief, and most importantly, friendship.


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