Lorraine Cannell

Lorraine Cannell

Lorraine Cannell

Lorraine Cannell, at the age of eleven, was so inspired by the success of child author Jayne Fisher, she thought how hard can this writing malarkey be? But her story about a girl, an evil goblin and a garden didn’t quite hit the mark with publishers. Lorraine’s stories are still as darkly creative, but she’d like to think her writing has matured a bit. Hollow is her first young adult novel and was long-listed as part of the Bath Novel Award 2017. She is planning to release her next YA novel in 2019.

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Hollow by Lorraine Cannell

Fifteen-year-old Liv Swanson’s past is a blank. The first eleven years of her life, of who she used to be, were taken by the Hollow inside her mind. As was the memory of the car accident that created it. An accident no one wants to talk about. A past no one seems to want to remember.

When Liv is roped in by her cousin to join her Aunt’s psychic circle for a laugh, she’s not prepared for what happens. In opening herself to spirit, she opens a gateway from which she can never return.

Some secrets lie with the dead.

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