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Perdita Cargill spent years working as a commercial barrister before she finally turned to writing.  Bizarrely for a pessimistic Scot, she loves to write funny books. She is the co-author with Honor Cargill of the Waiting for Callback series (Simon & Schuster) and lives in London.

Honor Cargill began writing when she was about sixteen, co-authoring the Waiting for Callback funny teen series (Simon & Schuster). Now nineteen and at Oxford reading Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, she enjoys researching party scenes.


Ashon Dragon



Our chat with Perdita and Honor Cargill…

It's a wrapIt's a BIG year for Elektra. She’s wrapped her first feature film Raw (even if her character was unexpectedly killed off half-way through filming) and hosted - against the odds - the party of the year (well, until her mum turned up and kicked everyone out) so, things are definitely moving in the right direction. BUT she’s still not sure what’s going on with Archie, her bff Moss’s love life is in shreds and GCSEs are looming. And the COUNTDOWN to Raw’s release is TERRIFYING, not least because it turns out there’s more to promoting a movie than messing around on Insta… #ComingSoon, #ElektraExposed #RawTerror.  Elektra’s road to acting stardom is as rocky as ever…

Website: Waiting for Callback

Twitter: @perditact


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