Tracey Mathias

Tracey Mathias

Tracey MathiasTracey Mathias grew up in Cardiff, South Wales. She studied history at University and, as a writer, she's fascinated by stories which set individual lives against a bigger historical background. Tracey worked as a teacher and in various office jobs, travelled, and studied anthropology, before starting a family. She now lives with her husband, three children and a tabby cat in north London, and has been writing since my youngest daughter started school about 12 years ago. Her first books were a middle grade fantasy, Assalay, published in Germany in 2009-11 by Oetinger. (She's currently self publishing an English edition, and volumes one and two – A Fragment of Moonswood and The Singing War – are already available). Tracey's UK debut is Night of the Party: a YA love story and political thriller, set in a near future, dystopian England. It’s published by Scholastic UK. 

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Night of the Party by Tracey Mathias


After withdrawing from the EU, Britain is governed by the Party, and everyone born outside the country is an illegal, subject to immediate arrest and deportation. Failing to report illegals is a crime. Zara is the only one who knows how her friend Sophie died. But Zara’s an illegal. She can’t tell anyone her secrets. Not even Ash, the boy she loves. The boy who needs to know the truth. As the country prepares for an election, Zara must make an impossible choice.

Sound good? You can read an extract on Tracey's website.

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