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andy shepherd

andy shepherd

Growing up on the Essex coast Andy spent most of her time scribbling stories and messing about in boats. Or mud.

Since then she’s been slightly distracted going to college, doing a PGCE, teaching English and becoming a Campaigns Officer for Oxfam, but she has finally found her way back to writing.

She now lives near Cambridge with her husband and her two sons. Her main ambition is to figure out how to move this beautiful city closer to the sea.

Andy’s debut The Boy Who Grew Dragons was published on 14th June 2018 to be followed by The Boy Who Lived With Dragons in September 2018 and The Boy Who Flew With Dragons in January 2019.

Disclaimer: Please note, all dragon-growing is undertaken entirely at the grower’s own risk and Andy cannot be held responsible for any damage your dragon may cause.

Ashon Dragon



Our chat with Andy…

The Boy who Grew Dragons by Andy Shepherd

‘When people ask me what we grow in Grandad’s garden, I think they expect the answer to be cucumbers, tomatoes or runner beans. I don’t think they expect the answer to be dragons. But there it is. We grow dragons. And I can tell you this – they’re A LOT more trouble than cucumbers.’

When Tomas finds a dragon-fruit tree in his grandad’s garden and a tiny dragon bursts out of one of the fruit, he discovers just how much more trouble than cucumbers they are.

But it’s not all about the chaos and the exploding poo. The first time Flicker curls his tail around Tomas’ neck and looks at him with those bright diamond eyes, Tomas finds there’s a whole lot more magic in a dragon.

But if you grow a dragon you’d better keep them a secret, because who wouldn’t want their own dragon?

Twitter: @andyjshepherd

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